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  When you are your child’s first teacher, you have to be willing to use yourself as an example. This can be scary and overwhelming, which explains why over 60% of parents avoid money conversations in their homes. This is not the look!

  It’s time we change the way we look at money and begin the challenging, yet detrimental conversations of Finances in your home.


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Tell Them!!

Discussing finances with your children doesn’t have to be challenging, it all depends on how you look at it. Look at this as a chance to bond with your child and get to know them better. Go into this with a positive attitude and your child will have the same.

Teach Them!!

Discussing finances with your children will not only help their future, it will also help yours. Why is this? Your children are the ones that will handle your finances if there comes a time you need them to assist you when you get older. Encouraging them to learn now and not when it's too late, is important when it comes to teaching your children literacy.

Involve Them!!

Building your empire is a process that involves, educating your child on finances. You don’t want to build a legacy and when it’s time for them to take control, they feel like they’ve won the lottery. Make sure your children cherish the inheritance that you leave them and continue building it.

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