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About Us

We are Finance & Credit Experts

Your Child Deserves a Debt-Free Future

  When you take the time to learn how your finances work, you won’t be blindsided by too many of the questions your child will ask. During the beginning stage of incorporating financial conversations in your home you’ll want to give up. 

 You’ll start seeing more positive changes in your home, making it easier to have conversations with your child. By changing the way you look at finances and your money, more importantly, you’ll begin enjoying sharing what is happening in your home financially.

I want to help you build wealth

Who Am I?

Hello and Welcome, I am Ashle’J., and I am the Magical Sista. You are here because you feel like you aren’t prepared for the task of discussing finances with your child. Understand that you are not alone in your quest to build wealth minded children. Thinking back to the time I started talking with my son about money I was terrified. How could I work at the bank, and not be confident in speaking to my child about finances? During my financial journey, I learned that the topic is usually avoided in many low income homes, for many reasons. Did you know? Parents would prefer to talk about their death than their finances. (Make that make sense!!) The most common reasoning is due to not knowing how to properly communicate our knowledge of finances for fear of being judged by your current financial situation. This is a mindset that we as parents need to overcome, not just for our wealth mindset, but for our children’s mental outlook on money. It’s we take back our Families and Finances! RU READY? ​

Ashle' J.