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 Our children pick up how they treat and feel about money from the first person that teaches them everything in the world. And that person is YOU!!! 

This means you’ll need to change how YOU look at money, so you can help your children’s outlook and journey throughout their financial journey. 


When you join RU Financial’s Magical Money World, we’ll begin exploring the steps you’ll need to take to start this process towards Financial Greatness.

We will do this by looking at how you look, feel, and think about the financial world. It’s time we start flexing all the magic that we possess. 


Books, Classes & Online Courses

Teaching OUR Children
the Financial Game

-Great for providing parents with financial conversation starters 
-Mini-Lessons to go over with your kids
-Convenient for your busy schedule
-Cultivating Money Genius’
-Includes Worksheets & Games
-Assisting and fulfilling the void in financial education in the education within our community.
-Bridging the gap of financial responsibility within our families

Rheal Talk On Money

For the Children

-Fun & Exciting space to learn the Past, Present & Future of Money
-10 Student Virtual Classroom
-Interactive Financial Games & Activities
-Classes Serving Ages 7-17, We Believe in Family & Family Learns Together
-Workbooks for Efficient Retention of Lessons. 

For the Magical Sistas

-Financial Education for the Whole Family
-Private Community with Other Magical Sistas working on getting the BAG! 
-Access to Tips & Tricks on implementing Financial Conversations in Your Home
– Worksheets & Activities for Building Generational Wealth
-Lifetime Access to Online Courses